Classic novels in Swedish

Answered by Åsa B Nilsson
Dear Sirs, With the help of a dictionary and using the internet, for the last six years I have found much enjoyment reading some "classic" novels and short stories in the Swedish language written by Swedish authors including Selma Lagerlof, Hjalmar Söderberg, and Kerstin Ekman. I am currently reading the Utvandrarna series by Vilhelm Moberg which is giving me much pleasure and wonder if you can recommend to me books that I can purchase (through Bokus), which are of a comparable nature to this series and which I find easy enough to read. Thank you in anticipation of your reply. Deryk Ogden

My suggestions are; Hemsöborna av August Strindberg and something by Moa Martinsson, Jan Fridegård and Hjalmar Söderberg.

31 October 2013 - 20:49