Where can I buy a law dictionary book here in Borlänge, Sweden?

Answered by Peter Borgedahl
Hi. I can't find out whether i single bookstore in Borlänge has a specific title or not. However, this search gave me some phone numbers and adresses to bookstores i Borlänge: http://gulasidorna.eniro.se/hitta:bokaff%C3%A4r/borl%C3%A4nge If you'd like to visit the library, the main library in Borlänge has a law dictionary for library use called "Fyrspråkig juridisk ordbok" which includes an english section. Here's a link to this title on their online catalogue: http://opac.borlange.se/pls/bookit/pkg_www_misc.print_index?in_user_id=opac-b-e&in_password=opac-b-e1&in_ccl_query=law%20dictionary
5 April 2012 - 17:22