Book about malpractice in the hospital or clinics

Answered by Hanna Johansson
Hi! Will you please help me to find a book, either novel or documentary book talking about some real case, when malpractice happened in the hospital or clinics, how did the lawyer win the case? Hopefully it is a case happened in Sweden or UK, EU or US.

Unfortunately we have had some dificulties finding book about all the subjects you ask for.
There are pleny of (non fiction) faktaböcker and novels about real cases when malpractice happened in the hospital or clinics. But if the story went to trial and if the lawyer won the case, is harder to find. I have foud two swedish books about this, but I dont think they contain exactually what you ask for:

Barnläkarfallet -

Felbehandlad ung man i sina bästa år / Kim Andersson i samarbete med Sara Sandbacka
ISBN 9789187001741
Lerum : Idus, 2013
Svenska 182 s.

In the swedish library catalog Libris, you can search for ” malpractice medical hospital” OR ”malpractice medical” OR ”malpractice hospital” and find differens publications, mostly research litterature/non fiction:
Sorry for letting you wait long for an answer, and that we could not help you better. Good luck!

2 April 2014 - 16:27