Reviews of non-iron shirts

Answered by Claes Karlsson
Where can I find a comparative review of non-iron shirts for men, preferably from a reliable source like Consumer Reports? I will buy these to my husband. Thankful for information. Mary Johnson

I've found a review of non-iron shirts originally published in Consumer Reports (February 2010). The full review is not available unless you are a subscriber. Still, you do get some useful information from the summary - see Also, in March 2007, there was a review of wrinkle-free shirts, but no more information regarding this test is available for free on the site. However, there are numerous University libraries in Sweden that holds an electronic subscription to Consumer Reports, as you can see here: . My advice is that you contact your local public library for further help. They can assist in ordering a copy of these articles. There might be a small fee for this service. I might add that I've not been able to find any reviews specifically covering the Swedish market.

Best regards

Claes Karlsson
Örebro Stadsbibliotek

21 May 2012 - 2:45