Best coffee shops in the world

Besvarad av Lena Fahle
Which are the best/greatest coffee shops/houses/bars in the world, existing or in the past? Is there a book, webpage, or magazine article devoted to this topic? Thankful for information. Mary Johnson


I guess what you're looking for is a "Guide Michelin" of coffe shops? For restaurants there are, as you know, guides like Guide Michelin (which only covers Europe though, I believe). I havn't been able to find something like that for coffee shops and bars. I suppose that if it existed it would be even more subjective than the Guide Michelin. Coffee is still just coffee... A way of finding good coffee shops could be to google "coffee shops or cafe + london" for example, if London is the place you're looking for.
Here are some examples of lists:

For Sweden your could have a look at
The new 2013 edition of the Swedish "White guide" also covers "caféer" in different categories. The winner in the categorie "Årets bästa café" was "Olof Viktors bageri och café" i Glemmingebro, Skåne.

6 maj 2013 - 3:42